Music is an artistic expression, one of the oldest forms of communication, and an opportunity to resonate with the frequencies of the cosmos. Zen Learning Project emphasizes creative expression, enjoyment, and mindfulness while conversing through music. Students learn through conversational improvisation, focusing on developing the habits of musicianship at all stages of learning. To view the ZLP beginner's music curriculum for drums, guitar, and piano, click here.




Drum lessons are offered in all varieties and at all levels. Current lessons are offered via donation only, and a there is a wait list for new students. If you'd like to set up a donation lesson (i.e., you donate whatever money you can afford to a meaningful cause in exchange for an excellent drum lesson), contact us.



Guitar lessons are offered at beginner and intermediate levels. ​Donation lessons are currently offered, but there is a wait list for new students. Please contact us if you are interested.



Cost for music lessons is $60/hr or $200/mo. There is a wait list for new students, but donations lessons can be arranged on occasion. This means that you donate money to a meaningful cause in exchange for excellent instruction on an instrument of your choice.

To sign up, please visit the Payments page or contact us. To ask a question, please contact us.