Tennis is a life-long sport that can serve as an opportunity for creative self-expression and holistic development. With ZLP, tennis is about much more than getting the ball over the net or hitting a topspin forehand. It is a practice of body awareness, gratitude, and enjoyment. Learners focus on the fundamentals of stroke production, point strategy, body awareness, focus, gratitude, and generosity. To view ZLP's core curriculum for tennis skills, click here.


Coach Travis has been teaching for 20 years in renowned tennis centers, such as the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch and the Brookhaven Academy of Tennis Training. He is grateful for ongoing opportunities to learn and grow through the art of tennis.

ZLP is not currently accepting new students. However, a monthly community tennis lesson that focuses on fun, friends, and family will begin the second Saturday in September. To get on the invitation list for this opportunity, please contact us.