The mission of Zen Learning Project (ZLP) is to practice mindfulness in the arts. We practice together through arts such as music, tennis, sitting, and walking. Any activity can be artful, even our everyday ordinary activities. Traditional Zen practice pursues the arts of sitting, walking, tea ceremony, flower arranging, and archery as mediums of awakening. At ZLP, we practice together today, supporting each other along the journey.


ZLP is, strictly speaking, not Zen. The Zen tradition extends many years into the past and has developed along particular lineages throughout the world. ZLP is not part of any of these lineages, although founder Travis Fitzgold regularly references the Soto Zen tradition as brought to the USA by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. ZLP focuses on the practice of mindfulness as a methodology of learning, and hence the name Zen Learning Project. ZLP founder, Travis Fitzgold (AKA "teach"), maintains a daily zazen practice, and seeks to incorporate this practice into all of his activities, including teaching various arts. Read more about Travis here:


Travis Fitzgold lived for an extended period with the Spiritual Life Institute, and has been trained in classical Christian theology at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. He holds a Master of Divinity degree, engages in a daily meditation practice, and is deeply grateful to accompany others.


Gratefully, -ZLP

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